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Examples of contributions by Johnny:

  • Contemporary Oostende (Belgian coast) is set against personal memories of a student rebellion in 1968. Full article
  • Aimed at people with an interest for Catholic devotion, or an interest in the history of Christianity. The tourist learns interesting facts to enhance his or her visit to Saint Hubert in Belgium, the Ardennes region. Full article
  • One millennium of history on a once powerful Catholic abbey in the Ardennes region in Belgium. The tourist learns interesting facts to enhance his or her visit to Saint Hubert town. Full article
  • Visit to a wild pack of dogs, used to hunt deer and stag. The sight of the ferocious behavior of the dogs while they feast on tripe will linger in your mind. Saint Hubert, Belgium. Full article
  • Harvesting of hops in the Poperinge region of Belgium. A learning experience all beer drinkers must appreciate.
    Full article
  • Addresses the key topics you need to know about this little country in Western Europe.
    Full article
  • To understand Belgium you need to know these historic facts, and the actual political situation. This article addresses both subjects. Don't talk to a Belgian before reading this. Full article.
  • Probably the strangest Basilica in the world with a history of two millennia. Find out what you must see. Full article.
  • This article explains in detail the procedure to pour and present a delicious glass of fine Belgian beer. Don't buy such Belgian beer without reading this. Video included! Full article.




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